Multi-Currency Wallet Development Services

Create a multi-cryptocurrency wallet upheld by blockchain innovation with widely acclaimed benefits and guarantee long-haul productivity through different income models.

Crypto wallets are crucial for sending, getting, and putting away crypto assets. From desktop to web versions and hardware devices to mobile applications, crypto wallets have developed and come in various structures. In light of their motivations, wallets are named Custodial and Non-custodial, modified and appropriate for individual and business prerequisites.

Cryptocurrency wallets are the wellspring of life for crypto resources, and subsequently, they need brilliant accessibility and solid safety efforts. At TheDotVerse, we convey adaptable cryptocurrency wallet development with first-class security features and a user-friendly interface to enhance our client’s crypto business model.

If you are looking for an extraordinary business opportunity in the crypto space? You can hire us to develop your multicurrency wallet.

Our NFT Model & Their Features


NFT Types

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NFT Types

Minting Options



NFT Types

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Multi-Currency Wallet Development Service

Defi Wallet Development

Develop a decentralized, non-custodial wallet with the most developed security and protective features and let your wallet holders experience genuine ownership for crypto assets.

NFT Wallet Development

Move your business into the NFT space by profiting our NFT wallet development to make easy to use wallets exclusively for transferring, receiving, and string NFTs

Custodial Wallet

Our crypto expert developers help you in fostering a multi-cryptocurrency wallet appropriate for all token guidelines while modifying the similarity as indicated by your inclinations.

Mobile Wallet

Smartphones are the most productive mediums that span clients in the crypto space. We spend significant time in creating instinctive wallets as versatile applications stacked with fantastic highlights. Our Crypto Wallet's solicitation. Just when this solicitation is supported, the exchange happens.

Features of Our Multi-Currency Wallet

Multi-Currency Support

Our dynamic and dependable multi-digital currency wallet upholds bitcoin and altcoins. Our wallets can be altered to scale and improve exchanging open doors per the client's necessities.

Push Notifications

Clients can empower or incapacitate Push Notifications to right away know their exchanges' subtleties quickly. Furthermore, signals, price alerts, and other market activities can also be enabled.

QR Code Scanner

Our wallet's sweep work right away permits clients to filter and pay OnTheGo. The QR scan proves to be useful when clients need to make speedy installments in PoS terminals or benefit from crypto services online

Quick Coin Conversion

Our multi-cryptocurrency wallet's cash change rates are very low contrasted with different providers on the lookout. Crypto traders can save plenty of transaction charges with this element.

Portfolio Tracker

Our wallet has a portfolio tracker that permits clients to monitor every one of their transactions, view trending business sector graphs, immediately buy & sell trade orders, customize the dashboard, and add/erase addresses.


Clients can institute the in-collected multi-signature incorporate that grants them and all the co-payers to see the trade nuances, support trade, and have excellent recovery phrases for each.


What are the types of crypto wallets you develop?
We have involved insight in fostering a wide range of wallets - custodial, non-custodial, and HD (Hierarchical Deterministic). Depending on your business prerequisites and plausibility, our team will recognize the reasonable wallet for yourself.
Is there any way to recover my lost private keys?
Generally, recuperating a lost private key is an inconceivable assignment. Nonetheless, at the time of setting up the wallet, in the event provide permission/access to our administrator, we could assist you with recuperating the private keys.
Is it possible to connect the wallet to other platforms?

How secure is a crypto wallet?
It’s very secure as we integrate advanced & highly effective security measures into the wallets to ensure 100% transparent transactions. Our security features include 2FA, biometric authentication (for mobile wallets), email authentication, automatic session logout, and wallet backup.
Can you develop any kind of wallet?